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Silent Sunday - 3 August 2014

      Paillon Nice summer




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  • Guest
    Coombe Mill - FIona lundi, 04 août 2014

    Fun, Fun, Fun....

  • Guest
    sherry from sherryspickings lundi, 04 août 2014

    this is lovely. it looks like such fun. wish i was there!

  • Guest
    Kateonthinice dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Superb pic. I once did something similar shortly after my dad's death - made me realise I could feel joy and laugh again

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 04 août 2014

    That's lovely to hear Kate. :)

  • Guest
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault dimanche, 03 août 2014

    I'm guessing you might not have needed the water fountains within a few minutes of taking this photos - did the heavens open?

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 04 août 2014

    No surprisingly they didn't open over Nice Rosie, but they created mayhem in Roquefort and other villages in the hills. They and the accompanying thunder were responsible for frying our internet connection! It was very bizarre weather. See my reply to Lou's Lake Views above.

  • Guest
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault lundi, 04 août 2014

    Bizarre indeed. Simon was house sitting at friends a week or so ago - there was a massive crack of thunder and flash of lightening right overhead with no pre-warning leading to one fried livebox! Interestingly we think we saw the lightening from here - he was about 40mins drive away and we saw a single large lightening fork at the right time and in his direction.

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 04 août 2014

    wow! :(

  • Guest
    Kim Carberry dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Ohh wow! That looks like a lot of fun x

  • Guest
    Caroline Hooper dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Wonderful! What a perfect way to cool down after a hot day, just lovely #silentsunday

  • Guest
    Catherine dimanche, 03 août 2014


  • Guest
    Richard dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Surreal. A watery version of Last Summer in Marienbad.

  • Guest
    Little Wandering Wren dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Looks perfect for a summers day - shivering at the thought from a chilly Melbourne winter!

  • Guest
    Lou's Lake Views dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Great shot. That looks like so much fun but those incoming clouds don't!

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 04 août 2014

    The clouds were releasing tons of hail over my village in the hills but as far as I know didn't dump on Nice. We certainly managed to miss getting wet, though we returned home to a garden covered in ice (in thesouth of France in July!) and internet cut!

  • Guest
    City Coastal Lifestyle dimanche, 03 août 2014

    that would have been most welcome in the last couple of weeks here!

  • Guest
    CasCowan dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Great photo. Looks like a lot of fun

  • Guest
    Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours dimanche, 03 août 2014

    This looks like a good way to cool off. We did a similar thing on a much smaller scale on the Southbank in London last week ;)

  • Guest
    Emma dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Wow, very atmospheric pic, especially against that sky! :)

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 04 août 2014

    The sky got weirder and weirder! Crazy weather!

  • Guest
    Neesie dimanche, 03 août 2014

    What a fun summery shot and just a perfect way to cool down :)
    Have a great Sunday...waving from a bonnie Scotland

  • Guest
    Lisa from Lisa's Life dimanche, 03 août 2014

    That looks lovely in this heatwave we've been having! :)

  • Guest
    Funky Wellies dimanche, 03 août 2014

    Only one word: YES!! :) Great shot. xx

  • Wishful Wonderings
    Wishful Wonderings dimanche, 03 août 2014

    What a fabulous photo, that looks like serious fun x

  • Guest
    The Reading Residence dimanche, 03 août 2014

    A fabulous photo! Love the rows of water and so much fun being had in there!

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