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Silent Sunday - 13 October 2013

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    Manal dimanche, 13 octobre 2013

    Beautiful picture! Did you take it?

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 14 octobre 2013

    Yes I did Manal. All the photos in Silent Sunday are by me (it's one of the conditions of the linky) and pretty much all the other photos on the blog are also by me.

  • Guest
    Catherine dimanche, 13 octobre 2013

    Not a nice day! Brilliant photograph Phoebe.

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 14 octobre 2013

    But very photogenic nonetheless!

  • Guest
    Marge dimanche, 13 octobre 2013

    This photo looks so inviting, is this where that one bedroom apt sucked me into that, ready to pack my bags and fly I would love to come to France, I use to travel alot when my "ex" was in the Navy but not so much since and we never got to visit France:( . Still not to late but my current hubby could careless about traveling.

  • Guest
    Phoebe lundi, 14 octobre 2013

    Hi Marge, this photo is taken out the back of my house where the rental apartment is, looking across at the neighbors and the forest behind. Try and convince your husband how great traveling is and pop over for a visit!

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