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Luxurious day on the beach

It seems a little crazy to be writing a post about the beach in late October but we're having such great weather that we keep going to the beach, so I thought I'd share!

JLP in October

The Côte d'Azur has literally hundreds of different beaches, from quiet pebbly coves to long sandy stretches and nearly all are public, open to anyone.  But it also has some private beaches where you can rent a sunlounger and parasol and enjoy waiter service for a day, living the Riviera dream. These too are open to anyone, just at a price.

Nice plage Nice beach

When we go to the beach as a family and with friends we have our favourites - different places depending on the mood that day or the age of the group and so on - and we always go to public free beaches.  (You can find out more about recommended beaches for children here).  But for a rare childfree day JF and I occasionally go to a private beach and while away a few hours on a comfy padded sunbed, being waited on.  We order drinks and lunch and it all feels very luxurious and decadent.  It's not cheap though! 

beach Juan Les Pins 05

Here are some photos from this week.

beach Juan Les Pins 02

beach Juan Les Pins 01

beach Juan Les Pins 03

beach Juan Les Pins 04

beach Juan Les Pins 06You can reserve your sunbed in advance at some beaches (like this one, Pirate Beach, in Juan les Pins) but this week we didn't think it would be necessary, being late October, and nearly missed out. We were in the back row on one of the last available plots!  The main areas with private beaches are Cannes, Nice and Juan les Pins though most towns have at least one. For the price you get the use of the changing cabins, showers and toilets, but let's face it, it's a pretty silly price for a regular day at the beach.  For a special occasion on the other hand, it's not so much to spend for a little bit of luxury.

What do you think?  Would you pay to lie on the beach?

You might like to read more about other beaches in the area: 12 best beaches on the RivieraTop 3 beaches for children on the Côte d'Azur and How to enjoy pebble beaches on the Riviera.


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  • Guest
    Elena jeudi, 13 novembre 2014

    This beach looks lovely...but the prices, oh my. Definitely out of my budget. And generally speaking, I do prefer "wild beaches" more - with pebbles, rocks and hardly any company around :)

  • Guest
    Nancie dimanche, 26 octobre 2014

    It would depend on my mood. Have to say that I have been spoiled. In Thailand I rent a bed and an umbrella for the day for two bucks or less. Your views were gorgeous! Thanks for linking up this week.#TPThursday

  • Guest
    Mary {the World Is A Book} samedi, 25 octobre 2014

    What a gorgeous beach and how great that one can still enjoy great weather like this in October in this part of the world. It looks so inviting and relaxing. If I were in the south of France, I think I'd pay to have a luxurious day like you. Of course, I would never dream of paying here in Southern California. There are way too many options.

  • Guest
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} samedi, 25 octobre 2014

    I would definitely be willing to pay money to hangout on the beach and to reserve a sunbed ahead of time. Now that my kids are older, it's nice that I don't have to keep such a close watch on them and can actually relax on the beach. The beach there is so beautiful, and it still looks like summer to me.

  • Guest
    Jess @UsedYorkCity vendredi, 24 octobre 2014

    How gorgeous! I would definitely pay to hangout on the beach, especially to get large doses of that sunshine! (It's not quite as nice here in NYC right now!;-) Plus, to access our closest beach (the Hamptons) they charge like $50 a day! Ahhh!

  • Guest vendredi, 24 octobre 2014

    No, I have never paid to visit a beach. Never say never though - I might one day. :)

  • Guest
    Catherine vendredi, 24 octobre 2014

    Yes Australian beaches are good as long as there are no box jellyfish, stone fish not to mention sharks. Give me a luxury sun lounger and an umbrella any day. I love people watching too so everything would suit me at one of your luxury beaches.

  • Guest
    Jill vendredi, 24 octobre 2014

    if the weather is still holding onto summer - why no! And why not some luxury from time to time to make you feel like you are on holiday at a resort. I must say though, I don't think I would like those tightly packed sunlounge areas - but then I am used to wide sandy Australian beaches with sometimes only you! have a great weekend. and thank you for coming to my blog today. it was nice to meet you!

  • Guest
    Molly S jeudi, 23 octobre 2014

    Looks like you're having stunning weather! As long as I'm by the sea, I'm happy with any kind of beach - although I have cursed the pebbles at Nice more than once :). Great photos!

  • Guest
    eileen at FamiliesGo! jeudi, 23 octobre 2014

    i've found more of the crowded and pebbly beaches than the long winding ones on the Cote D'Azur. But maybe I need to give them another chance.

  • Guest
    Phoebe jeudi, 23 octobre 2014

    Most visitor's end up on the crowded beaches unfortunately but when you live here you get to know the lesser known ones and where to go to get the long sandy ones (yes, they do exist). In October none of them are crowded and yet the weather is perfect for a day on the beach.

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