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How to make French Crêpes

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Crêpes are probably the most common take away/street food in France; you can find a café or stall selling them just about everywhere.  They are our go-to snack food bribe for encouraging bored flagging young kids when sightseeing...."cheer up, just another 10 minutes in this gallery/just another few hundred metres to walk, and we'll stop for a crêpe"!  But they are also very easy to make with regular store cupboard ingredients....

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Vin Chaud - a festive winter drink

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There's nothing more seasonal than vin chaud, the delicious hot spicy wine, served at Christmas markets and bars all over France during the winter.

Vin Chaud mulled wine glühweinThe smells of cinnamon, orange, cloves and star anise mixed with pungent red wine are redolent of the festive season and hard to resist. The first whiff of the year instantly puts me in a christmassy mood.  It wouldn't be Christmas for me without vin chaud. 

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Daily Bread - the French Baguette

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France is a country that takes its bread very seriously and in particular the baguette reigns supreme.

boulangerie in France

This simple stick of bread in a sense symbolises France and is a celebrated part of French national culture, recognised instantly by foreigners and idolised by the French. It is both a stereotype and a genuine French icon. In his book "Anthropologie des mangeurs de pain" (Anthropology of bread eaters)* Anthropologist Abdu Gnaba says of bread  "it is what defines and characterises the French".

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Easy French fruit tart - Tarte aux fruits

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I had a number of requests for the recipe for the pear and plum tart I mentioned in my last post, so here it is, though it's barely a recipe as I really did just throw it together.  When you've got ripe juicy fruit and some ready-made pastry in the fridge you can't go wrong.  I'd say the fruit tart is to the French what the fruit pie is to the Americans and the fruit crumble is to the Brits.  It's your regular go-to easy-peasy dessert that you can make without thinking and know it'll be well appreciated by whoever you're cooking for.


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The Veggie Box and the Fruit Tart

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We've had a go at growing our own vegetables at Lou Messugo but failed rather miserably.  We just never got the hang of the hot weather and dry summers.  Somehow the amount we had to water the plants seemed to outweigh any financial savings in growing our own.  But that didn't stop us from wanting the freshest, most locally produced veg possible.  Enter the veggie box.

veggie box 1

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