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Sunday Photo - Genoa street scene

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Fiat 500 Genoa Italy

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3 meals in 3 different countries in 1 day

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Road-tripping in Europe is one of our favourite ways to take a holiday; it’s so satisfying driving through different countries in a short time, crossing international borders often several times a day. Take for example our holiday last summer where we woke up in one country, had lunch in another and spent the night in a third four separate times.  As the countries change so does the language, the food, the architecture, the street signs, the modes of transport, the shops, the customs and the currency (not as much as it used to but there are still some countries in Europe which don’t use the Euro and we visited three).  The diversity is fascinating. There really is something rather fun about having breakfast in one country, lunch in a second and dinner in a third.

beer in Krakow

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Sunday Photo - 14 February 2016

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street scene in Naples

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Naples with a teenager

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Sometime last year I decided I wanted to take my older son on a trip for his 16th birthday, just him and me, something I’d never done before.  I’d been brewing the idea for a while ever since a friend took her son away for his 13th birthday; it wasn’t something I’d contemplated before and back then it wasn’t such a fashionable thing to do (this must have been about 9 years ago at least).  My boy’s 13th birthday passed by and the time wasn’t right so it struck me that 16 was the next “big” birthday worthy of celebrating in such a way. 

bay of Naples with Vesuvius

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