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In the forest, just down the road, I recently came across something pretty magical.  Something unique and intriguing but hidden and secret, and yet open to everyone.  You may be lucky and stumble upon this surprising place, but more likely than not, you won’t.  Deep in the woods in the small village of La Colle sur Loup on the French Riviera, an artist has been hard at work, creating a number of unusual, organic, mystical and ephemeral works of art.  For a year, from sometime in 2014 to 2015* British sculptor Spencer Byles spent all day every day producing around 40 amazing forest sculptures out of materials he found in the surroundings.  He called his project “A year in a French Forest”.  

forest art France Spencer Byles

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Sunday Photo - Forest Art

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forest art spencer byles

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Processionary caterpillars - what are they?

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On a recent day out to the mountains to check out the dire snow situation in the local ski resort we were taken aback by just how many caterpillar nests we saw in the pine trees and how much destruction they had caused.  There were vast areas of what looked like dead trees and more nests than I've even seen. Some trees were groaning under old dried-out brown nests while others were still healthy-looking but covered in silky white "tents" about 15cm in diameter.

processionary caterpillar nest in pîne tree

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Silent Sunday - 23 November 2014

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autumn colours near Lou Messugo


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