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Today I’m introducing a new series on the blog: "Museum Monday".  While unable to sleep recently I started to think about ideas for blog posts (the early hours of the morning are often my most creative times) and I realised how little I’ve written about museums in the area.  Nice is the 2nd city in France after Paris for museums with more than a dozen important institutions.  Now when you also add all the other museums and galleries in the surrounding metropolitan area (and beyond) you start to realise there are plenty that are begging to be discovered.  I’ve been to a fair few but not enough in my mind and quite strangely I realised, in the depths of the night, that the only one I’ve actually written about in its own post is the National Museum of Sport.  Anyone would think I’m a keen sports person, which really couldn’t be further from the truth….I so prefer culture and art to sport! 

Fernand Leger museum Biot near Nice Cote dAzur France

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Sunday Photo - 1 May 2016

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sun behind clouds through Judas tree

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Exploring the walls and beaches of St Malo

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During the recent school spring holidays we spent a week based in Rennes, in Brittany, exploring parts of northern and western France that we as a family didn’t know.  We visited places that had long been on the “desperately want to see” list (I don’t do “bucket lists”) including weird and wonderful Nantes, iconic UNESCO World Heritage site Mont St Michel and the magnificent walled town of St Malo.

St Malo ramparts and beach Brittany France

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Sunday Photo - 24 April 2016

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almonds at Lou Messugo gite

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