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Oh dear, more wildlife at Lou Messugo!

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This week there's been great excitement at Lou Messugo, on the wildlife front.  I came home one afternoon to be told by the guests in the gîte that they'd seen a deer in the garden - twice.  They'd seen it on the lawn while having breakfast around 7 am (7 am on holiday!) and then again just minutes before I got home at 3 pm.  In the five and a half years we've been here we've had numerous visitations by wild boar and plenty of foxes, but never deer.  

red squirrel at Lou Messugo

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Silent Sunday - 17 May 2015

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door in Bologna Italy

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Life in Mayotte

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In the second in the series of far-flung France today's post comes to you from the island of Mayotte. My guest blogger is Curtis Bausse, a Welsh writer who has spent most of his life in France.   Recently retired, he currently lives with his wife in Mayotte and devotes most of his time to writing.  After a literary novel, The Sally Effect, published in 2009, he turned to crime fiction. One Green Bottle, the first in a series, is set in Provence, and will be released later this year, while its sequel, Perfume Island, is nearing completion.  Here he writes about his experience of living in France's newest department.

Lake Dziani Petite Terre Mayotte

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Wild spring garden

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Every year around this time I write about the flowers in the garden; every year the new growth amazes and inspires me.  Every day there are more leaves, more blooms and even more plants pushing their way into the world.  Nature really is clever!  This year though, what surprises me more than ever are all the wild and self-seeded flowers at Lou Messugo.

wild flower at Lou Messugo gîte Côte dAzur France

We named our house after a wild cistus (messuge) that grew in the area but the very fact of cutting down the forest and creating a building site looked like we might have wiped out pretty much all of them.  Five and a half years later however there are more cistus than ever.  This morning I counted 4 different types and we've only planted one of them.  They are all over the garden in great big bushes, small clumps and single stems, covering 4 different colours too. (Photos of the 3 wild types below)....

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