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Top 10 posts of 2014

As 2015 begins I find myself drawn to making lists and analysing what works and what doesn't on my blog.  So just like last year here are the Top 10 most popular posts of the year and I must admit to being quite surprised by some of them!



1.  A (short) walk for all seasons

2.  Lemon Festival on the Côte d'Azur - Menton's Fête du Citron

3.  Introducing Pelote Basque - a very un-Provençal game

4.  La Galette des Rois - another jewel in the French gastronomic crown

5.  6 romantic things to do on the French Riviera

6.  Easter in France

7.  A walking tour of Monaco, in pink

8.  St Tropez opening soon

9.  Sightseeing with children - visiting hill villages

10.  Paris-Nice: the Race to the Sun

This year's number one post is my third most popular post of all time, and I'm honestly at a loss to explain this!  I'm sure many other bloggers will agree that there are times when we write something thinking it'll be a big hit and no one seems to care, and then there are the random successes that take everyone by surprise.  Well along with number one, I'm gobsmacked by the third and tenth pole positions.  

What is it about a little-known racquet game, Pelote Basque, that has captured your attention, and equally why is the Paris-Nice bike race my tenth most popular post this year?  Is it all in the title as some people suggested last year?

This year I have written 129 posts which averages out at almost 11 a month up from 80 (or 6.6 a month) in 2013 covering an ever broadening range of topics including some travel outside my local area.  Seven of the Top 10 are about local places or events, one about food, one about French culture and the really odd one, about a little-known sport.  I've really enjoyed writing about other places we've visited this year including Budapest and Iceland and they have been well received though not quite making the Top 10 list.  

Do you have a favourite post of mine from this year?  Did it make the Top 10?  I'd love to hear from you. One of the things I like most about blogging is getting your comments.  Thanks for reading along with me in 2014 and here's to a great 2015!

Bonne Année!


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  • Guest
    Catherine Thursday, 15 January 2015

    I enjoy all your blogs Phoebe and I never miss one. It is so hard to pick my favourite but perhaps it is things to do with small children as my children are no longer small and I can enjoy an armchair entertainment with out having to actually do anything. Keep on keeping on

  • Guest
    Sara-Jayne Monday, 05 January 2015

    My top ten includes the most random post, shamefully because of the title a huge amount of people thought it was a pornographic cartoon!

  • Guest
    Laura @ Kneadwhine Monday, 05 January 2015

    I found it such an interesting process checking out my top ten of the year - I'm always thrown by the fact that Philadelphia sauce is my most popular ever!

  • Guest
    Clare Nicholas Monday, 05 January 2015

    I love looking back on these. I'm yet to find time to do mine, really should.

  • Guest
    KaraGuppy Monday, 05 January 2015

    I can never fathom why some of my posts are more popular than others

  • Guest
    nessjibberjabberuk Sunday, 04 January 2015

    I'm always surprised what makes a post popular and the ones that remain unread! As a cycling fan I love your Paris-Nice post. The sunshine was just like what we had in Yorkshire for the Tour de France!

  • Guest
    Michelle Sunday, 04 January 2015

    I've just checked my top posts and they seem to be pretty random, a couple of giveaways and random reviews are in there! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  • Guest
    rachel Sunday, 04 January 2015

    I keep meaning to have a look at what my top 10 posts were for 2014, I am sure there will be some surprises in there x

  • Guest
    cass Sunday, 04 January 2015

    My top posts are really random - one is about how to make milk jelly like my nan used to make ;-)

  • Guest
    pinkoddy Saturday, 03 January 2015

    I do think ones about the local area are good - I know if I am looking for something about a certain area and know someone lives there then it's the obvious choice to try there. My top posts are about holidays but glad that after that it is helped for disabled children.

  • Guest
    Emma Saturday, 03 January 2015

    one of my most popular is a pushchair review. I guess I understand why but wish it was something witty, fun or personal instead!

  • Guest
    You Baby Me Mummy Saturday, 03 January 2015

    A great round up of posts, sounds like a productive year. Have an amazing 2015 x

  • Guest
    Betty Carlson Friday, 02 January 2015

    The Paris-Nice race is quite famous, and perhaps not that covered in English, so that does not surprise me. But the "pelote basque" post -- interesting!

  • Guest
    Mags Friday, 02 January 2015

    Phoebe, I love reading your blog and this year I really liked your pieces on budget holidays in Iceland and the Blue Church in Bratislava. I also loved October in the South of France and your photos of Lyon. And many more. Happy New Year to you and please keep writing! :)

  • Guest
    Phoebe Friday, 02 January 2015

    Thanks for your feedback Mags, I loved writing about Iceland and other destinations so I'm glad you enjoyed them. Happy new year to you too, don't worry I fully intend to keep on writing!

  • Guest
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault Friday, 02 January 2015

    I did the same thing and my most popular blog post was my 3rd most popular blog of all time, about the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings - a very important event for 2014 so not a surprise being there at No 1. The others were a complete mix which is pleasing, as I like to write on a wide variety of subjects and it seems all of them are as popular as the next! Happy blogging through 2015 and I'm looking forward to reading what you offer us. Bonne Année !

  • Guest
    Phoebe Friday, 02 January 2015

    Funny that your most popular this year is at N° 3 of all time just like mine, but yours seems more logical than mine with the D Day relevance. Which posts did you like of mine this year Rosie???

  • Guest
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault Friday, 02 January 2015

    Well maybe I would be a bit biased and say the Robin one you wrote recently for #AnimalTales. I also remember a ridiculously simple yoghurt cake you made (must look that one up again and pin it for future reference). I have also enjoyed all your Silent Sunday posts as it is great to compare opposite ends of France in any given week. Oh and anything about French culture. What about mine - what was your favourite over at Eco-Gites of Lenault?

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