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South of France in London? Nah, can't be done.

Today's post comes from London, from YJ Pankhurst at Worldivore, "eating the world in London". Now that summer really seems to have started I want to share with you this beautiful piece written about the south of France a month ago from the depths of a very long winter, from a non-resident's point of view.  

South of France in London?  Nah, can't be done.

YJby YJ Pankhurst from Worldivore, writer, editor, Londoner, with a passion for food, art, politics, France and tennis.  

There comes a time when one city, even a multi-cultural one, is not enough to satiate a girl’s all-consuming appetite. That time is now – in blustery, chilly London in mid-May – when a girl knows just a short plane hop away in Cannes all that glitters is Palme D’Or…

You can eat France in London pretty easily - from Paul and Le Pain Quotidien bakeries and affordable brasseries (Zedel is the Paris in London; Café Rouge is so out) to expensive Michelin stars.  But for a taste of the South of France, you need sun - lots of it, continually (no chance in London) - for the fruit and veg to ripen to perfection, to eat outdoors, to chargrill the meat and fish, and you need their rosé wine - the good stuff you rarely find in London.

So my advice is go there – you can fly to Nice pretty cheaply with Easyjet – any time of the year, as they have 300 days of sunshine a year.  Read more

I urge you all to read on, YJ writes with such passion, she really makes you feel like you're in the south of France, which lucky for me, I am!  

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    Mags Thursday, 13 June 2013

    Thanks for sharing this Phoebe, I agree with you I can just picture myself sitting in a square in Provence a bit like the author in the photo! I can practically hear the cicadas. :)

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    Phoebe Thursday, 13 June 2013

    I really felt YJ's passion for "my" area in this post and felt it needed to be shared, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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