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Silent Sunday - 27 July 2014

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  Hoffell hot pots near Höfn Iceland




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Blue Reykjavik

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I've recently got back from an absolutely excellent family holiday in Iceland, with around 1500 photos to prove it!  I'm rather overwhelmed by the task of editing them and writing about all our experiences, but I need to get back into blogging after a very slack few weeks.  Where to start?  I have plenty of half-baked ideas bursting out of my head though they all need tweaking and further thought, especially so as not to simply repeat what many others have said about this incredible nation before me. Here I am, back in the intense yellow light of the Côte d'Azur, recalling a reflection I made while wandering around the streets of Reykjavik one grey, overcast, drizzly day last week. Trying not to moan too much about the totally horrible flat light for photography it struck me that the city wasn't grey at all.  It's well documented that the capital of Iceland is a colourful city, seen from above it's almost lego-like with brightly coloured roofs on top of the corrugated iron and wooden houses. But from ground level, the overwhelming dominant colour downtown appeared to me to be blue: a colour rarely seen in the architecture of my home area in the south of France (except for shutters).  From whole buildings painted deep blue, to little details like window frames or flower pots, from bright blue roofs to grey-blue facades, the variety was endless and beautiful.  So without further ado, I'm going to take you on a tour of "Blue Reykjavik", as a little entrée into my view of Iceland and an appetiser of what's to come in the next few weeks on the blog.

     Reykjavik 07

     Reykjavik 02

     Reykjavik 05

     Reykjavik 06

     Reykjavik 10

            Reykjavik 12

            Reykjavik 03

       Reykjavik 09

     Reykjavik 11

           Reykjavik 13

    Reykjavik 14

          Reykjavik 04

          Reykjavik 16

     Reykjavik 17

     Reykjavik 01

          Reykjavik 19

          Reykjavik 18

     Reykjavik 08

     Reykjavik 15

          Reykjavik 20

          Reykjavik 21 

     Reykjavik blue detail

     Reykjavik 24

     Reykjavik 25

          Reykjavik 22

     Reykjavik 26

     Reykjavik 23

It seemed appropirate that even our shoes were blue that day!  Have you been to Reykjavik?  Do you associate it with a particular colour?  Or  what about another city and its colour?  I'd love to hear from you.

     blue shoes in Reykjavik


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                                                           Blue Monday




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Silent Sunday - 20 July 2014

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  Skogarfoss waterfall Iceland




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Silent Sunday - 13 July 2014

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     Blue Lagoon Iceland




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