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Silent Sunday - 28 June 2015

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paddle boarding


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St Martin - the Franco-Dutch island in the Caribbean

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For the fifth post in my series on far-flung France we are off to the Caribbean again, to the island of St Martin. My guest writer today is Susan Hays, a globe-trotting Brit now settled in South-West France having lived all over the world.  Here she tells us about living on the French side of the unusual island of St Martin, a DOM-TOM until 2007, now collectivité d'outre-mer.

looking down at market square Marigot St Martin

Guest post by Susan Hays at Our French Oasis

Writing this on my terrace in the Charente Maritime, the Caribbean seems very far away and a long time ago, but my affection for sun, sea and palm trees has never really diminished, and with good reason. For once - sixteen years ago, we spent a great deal of time in a part of France that had not only all of that, but also a very multi-cutural population, an afro-caribbean vibe that shimmied throughout a mountainous but small island, and which had a shared border without guards that enabled the curious to stand with one foot in France, and one foot in Holland....

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Silent Sunday - 21 June 2015

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Expat farewells

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It's no secret, I love living where I live.  I've lived a nomadic life moving country 9 times though sometimes all those other countries seem a very long time ago as I've now been in France for nearly 18 years.  But even within France I've moved house 8 times, lived in 7 different towns in 5 different départements from Nord Pas de Calais in the very North to the Alpes-Maritimes in the far South-East corner.  And out of all these places in France where I am now is where I have felt happiest, most at home.

alps meet mediterranean

This contentment comes partly from my physical surroundings: it's stunningly beautiful in the PACA* region, being close to the coast and mountains, close to Italy and close to one of best cities I've ever had the fortune to know: Nice is more than nice, it's phenomenal!  It comes partly from the wonderful Mediterranean climate but it also comes hugely from how international this area is....

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