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Silent Sunday - 26 April 2015

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wisteria in Provence

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Versatile Blogger

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Pondering on dates and anniversaries recently over on my Facebook page for Lou Messugo I realised I'd been running the gîte for 5 years.  Which got me thinking that April has another anniversary - my blogiversary.  Three days ago, on the 18th April this blog turned 3!  I still feel like a new blogger but I guess at 3 I'm now quite mature.  I may not be as prolific as some established blogs that I enjoy but I try to be consistent and so far have not had a long period without writing in that time.  Long may it last!

Over the last year I've branched out and now cover a greater variety of topics including travel out of France, expat tales, personal history and multiculturalism.  So how delighted was I to be nominated for the "Versatile Blogger" award from Ersatz Expat?  Yes, you got it, very!  Apparently I'm versatile, and I'm happy with that.


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Silent Sunday - 19 April 2015

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Until recently I had only been to Fréjus to go to the beach (long, sandy and often windy – good for kite flying).  Once we briefly stopped off on the way home to have a quick look at some of the Roman ruins but only very briefly and about 7 years ago.  So when my parents, visiting from England, suggested a daytrip with the cathedral in mind I thought why not?  It was about time I had a better look at this nearby, relatively unknown, ancient town.

Fréjus Place Camille Formigé

Fréjus has a long history, going back to Roman times when Julius Caesar established a naval base there.  Such was its importance that the population of the town was greater in the 1st century BC than it is now.  However the original port has long since silted up and the Roman remains have fallen into a fairly poor state of disrepair (and insensitive renovation, more on this later).  Nowadays, I discovered, it’s the lovely medieval centre of Fréjus which is the main drawcard over the classical remnants.

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