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8 favourite Provençal dishes

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Today I have the pleasure of sending you over to a lovely blog I've recently got to know and have had the pleasure of writing a guest post for. Visit Bod for Tea to read my choice of favourite Provençal foods. These dishes are all native to and typical of the South of France and I urge you to try them if you can.  

favourite dishes from Provence

To see which 8 dishes I've chosen, 8 regional specilaities that typify the delicious sun-soaked cuisine of Provence, some of which are well known, others not so, please click through to 8 foods from Provence you've got to try to reveal all.  

Food from Provence pissaladière and salade niçoise

Do you have a favourite dish from the South of France to add to my list?



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Réunion Island, France in the Indian Ocean?

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The third post in my series on far-flung France is about the island of Réunion. My guest writer today is Annabelle, a multilingual, multicultural French blogger living in Germany.  Here she writes about her experience of visiting France in the Indian Ocean.

Reunion island France in the Indian Ocean


Guest post by Annabelle at The Piri-Piri Lexicon

Réunion is a small island next to Mauritius (roughly an hour by plane), off the Eastern coast of Madagascar. The climate is tropical (softened by the Indian ocean breeze). Before my visit, I expected it to be similar to Mauritius: beaches, sunshine and, despite being part of France, African in essence. After all, these two islands share the same history. They were discovered together, settled by the same people (mainly the Portuguese in 1512 then the French in the 17th Century). To me, Réunion was going to be another sandy beach resort island (albeit with an active volcano in its centre). I could not have been more wrong!  Réunion is rugged, wild, beautiful and surprising....

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Silent Sunday - 24 May 2015

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Monaco Grand Prix time trials 2015

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Oh dear, more wildlife at Lou Messugo!

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This week there's been great excitement at Lou Messugo, on the wildlife front.  I came home one afternoon to be told by the guests in the gîte that they'd seen a deer in the garden - twice.  They'd seen it on the lawn while having breakfast around 7 am (7 am on holiday!) and then again just minutes before I got home at 3 pm.  In the five and a half years we've been here we've had numerous visitations by wild boar and plenty of foxes, but never deer.  

red squirrel at Lou Messugo

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