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Silent Sunday - 29 March 2015

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David Camille Nices newest addition tragic loss


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4 of the best places to swim in Iceland

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I recently wrote about places to swim or bathe in Iceland, including the famous Blue Lagoon and a municipal pool in Reykjavík, with tips on swiming pool etiquette.  Here I’m going to tell you about the more adventurous swim spots we found including the oldest pool in Iceland, some isolated hot pots by a glacier and a steaming hot river, as well as the fabulous heated beach in Reykjavík.

Reykjavik geothermal beach Nautholsvik

Swimming was one of the things we loved most as a family when we visited Iceland in summer 2014, though the word swimming is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration when what we mainly did was wallow and lounge about.  Bathing is probably a more acurate description.  Not a great deal of sport was involved, but the following four places should give you an idea of the uniqueness and wonder of bathing in geothermal hot water in the wilds of Iceland.

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Easter in France is celebrated much like in other Christian countries – families gather for big festive meals  and offer each other chocolates in the form of eggs, bunnies, fish and bells.  It is largely a secular holiday and chocolate is the star of the day.  However, unlike in many countries where Easter eggs are available as soon as the preceeding holiday is out of the way (Christmas/Valentine’s Day), in France it’s a much more restrained affair.  As I started to think about writing this article just over two weeks before Good Friday there were some chocolate eggs on display in the big supermarkets but bakeries and specialist cake and chocolate shops had no signs at all that the holiday was imminent.

Easter chocolate rooster in France

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Silent Sunday - 22 March 2015

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cakes from pâtisserie in Roquefort les Pins


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